Vision and Mission

The aim of AMTZ is to create a platform for teacher training and curriculum development in Tanzania focusing on the music of the country. The two year professional program using the innovative new curriculum will contribute to the this by training new generations of young musicians to help develop the music industry in Tanzania, whether as professional musicians, music teachers, engineers or music managers.

Through the teacher training and capacity building program co-funded by the Goethe-Institut and the EU Erasmus+ Program, AMA will also be empowered to capture and document Tanzanian music traditions. This will enable the development of new curricula based on Tanzania music which can also be used in Tanzanian schools.

The Academy will cooperate with the National Museum and House of Culture and the Ministry of Education to develop the Academy as an important regional hub for training musicians, music teachers and music practitioners in the industry.

AMTZ would like to thank the following partners for their generous support.

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