About Individual Lessons

In addition to the two year professional training program the Academy also offers instrumental / vocal lessons to anyone who is interested in learning an instrument or get vocal training. There is no age limit and anyone is welcome to come and take advantage of the great teachers at the Academy. It does not matter whether you you just want to play music for fun or if you are interested in preparing yourself for the professional program. Everyone is welcome.

Trial Lesson

Come by and try something new! A trial lesson costs you only Tsh 40.000. If you decide to continue and sign a contract, the trial lesson will be charged as the first regular hour.

Regular Weekly Lessons

Music lessons will be given once a week, but not on public holidays and during school holidays. The minimum contract term is 3 months (12 lessons) but you can also sign a 6 month (24 lessons) or 1 year contract (48 lessons). For the first contract with us we charge a one time administration fee of Tsh. 10,000.

10 Lesson Card

Another possibility for taking lessons the 10 lesson card which offers you a lot more flexibility. The card is valid for 6 months and has to be paid in advance. Lessons not taken within this period will expire. The day and time of each lesson must be arranged with the teacher. Ten lessons cards are not transferable and are only possible for single lessons with the same teacher.

Length of Lessons

You can book individual lessons or group lessons in a group of 2 -6 or a group of 7 plus depending on your needs.

Trial Lessons

Trial Lesson: Tsh. 40.000

Cost of Regular Lessons

  • Regular Lessons 60 minutes a week: Tsh. 160.000 per month
  • Group Lessons 60 minutes a week
  • Group of 2-6: Tsh. 130.000 per month
  • Group of 7+: Tsh. 110.000 per month

Cost of 10 Lesson Card

  • 10 Lesson Card (10 – 60 min lessons valid for 6 months): Tsh. 400.000
  • One time administration fee for regular lessons: Tsh. 0

Initial Registration

We charge a one time only administration fee of Tsh. 0 for the first regular lesson contract. Once you are in our system you do not need to pay this again if you want to choose another course in the future at a later date.


There are two methods of payment

  1. You can pay in cash on the day of the lesson
  2. You can pay by mobile money transfer

If you have any further questions our office will be glad to help you under:

Or you can drop by and visit us at the National Museum and House of Culture (link opens Google Maps in new tab).

  • Address: 5 Shabaan Robert St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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