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Musical Director – Baraka Paul Issabu

Baraka is a composer, arranger and producer and one of the one of the top pianists in Dar es Salaam with passion and soul in his fingertips. He studied archeology at the University of Dar es Salaam and was awarded his bachelors degree with honors in 2009 where he also took subsidiary music courses at the Department of Fine and Performing Arts (FPA). All the way through his studies his interest and passion for music grew. “My brothers were my first influence as a kid, they played and sang gospel standard tunes every night at home and Sundays at church. As a child I was always listening to different types of music, always trying to imitate, it actually helped train my ears without me realizing it. That shaped my learning style, I’m always processing music by ear. Through listening I always get ideas.”

He is currently a Director at the Action Music Academy and he is also taking part in the East African Global Music Campus program in Ethiopia.

Administrator / Accountant – Invyoleta Mwakiwone

Invyoleta was introduced to music through her father who was a church choirmaster and also taught Mganda traditional dance from Southern Tanzania. She was a member of the school band and is an accomplished traditional dancer (Ngoma za kiasili). She believes the Action Music Academy program will make a big contribution to the professionalization of the music industry thereby increasing employment opportunities for young musicians but she is also passionate about exploring ways to use the industry for the benefit of different communities in Tanzania. She is also committed to using music to raise awareness of issues like gender and empowerment (especially amongst girls and women) and to contribute to political stability. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Dar Es Salaam as well as an SAP/ERP certification. She did her practical training at the Arusha City Council Accounting Department and worked as a volunteer at Tai Tanzania. She gained more experience in accounting and administration at Mkundi Promotion Ltd and the Desire Park Hotel before joining the Action Music Academy team.


Action Music Tanzania Trust

Board Members:

Executive Secretary – Baraka Paul Issabu

Co-ordinator – Tito Philemon Makasy

Treasurer – Abeid Mussa