The Action Music Academy Studio

The Action Music Academy has a fully equipped, soundproof recording room (22.8 sqm) with an adjacent mixing room and control window as well as a competent recording engineer to meet all your recording needs. 

Whether you have your own band or choir, need a jingle, a song, a CD, voiceover or a remix, we have a team of composers and songwriters to write and arrange music and jingles for you or help you to develop your project or recording including recording, mixing and mastering. We can also provide session musicians, horns and horn arrangements as well as background singers if necessary.

Our commitment and passion for music and sound will give that special touch to unique, creative and innovative projects – just like yours. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

The equipment available:

  1. Gretsch Drumkit
  2. Meinl Congas
  3. Meinl Bongos
  4. Fame Timbales 
  5. Thomann DP-26 (or Casio) Keyboard with weighted keys
  6. Bass, Keyboard and Guitar Amplifiers
  7. Soundcraft Ui24R (20 track digital mixer)
  8. Full set of condenser and dynamic recording microphones

We can record mix and produce songs for live bands or produce computer based recordings using software technology. 


  • Live Recording > Per Song Tsh 500.000
  • Computer Based Recording > Per Song Tsh 300.000

This includes recording/capturing, mixing and mastering

For jingles and voice-overs, special projects or any additional services not included above please contact the management team

Book your studio time here or get in touch with us by phone or email

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