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The AMTZ 'Continues Program'

In October 2012 AMTZ started music training in a 'continues program'. The program lasts from one to three months. On completion of the three month program the student is awarded a certificate. We offer trainings in the following areas:

1. Harmony & Ear Training: functional harmony, keyboard harmony, applied harmony & improvisation and vocal training

2. Rhythmic Training:
body percussion, rhythmic concepts, independence and rhythmic reading and writing

3. Main Instrument Group Lessons:
keyboards, guitar, bass, drums/percussion and wind instruments.

4. Ensemble/Rhythm Sections:
rhythm patterns from the Gogo, Sukuma, Ngoni and Makonde

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16 Part-time teachers in the following categories

1. Guitar Maneno Uvuruge, Abeid Mussa, Andrew Shimba, Hasan Mahenge, Bass Teddy Mbarak
2. Piano/Keyboards Joyce Kirio, Edwin Anderson, Suleiman Makame, Aaron Urio
3. Trombone Pamphilious Mandago, Trumpet Damas Mpepo, Flute Kauzeni Lyamba
4. Drums/Percussion: Geofrey Charahani, Kauzeni Lyamba, Lazaro Kayombo
5. Vocals Joyce Kirio
6. Dance: Kauzeni Lyamba
7. Music Theory Damas Mpepo, Mandolin Kahindi, Lazaro Kayombo, Abeid Mussa Reading & Writing Pamphilious Mandago, Body Percussion Kauzeni Lyamba, Mandolin Kahindi

AMTZ Festival and Performance

AMTZ arranges live performance in the completion of their course to give platform music students to apply on stage what they gains from the training.

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